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Features & Applications

  • Saves you time for other tasks - Hilti Cut Assist equips tools for fully automated cutting. Starts when surface is detected, then continuously optimizes speed, gear and water flow
  • Faster cutting time – the Pull/Push mode functionality in Cut Assist reduces cutting times compared to the normal pulling mode
  • Easier assembly and disassembly – the integrated flush cutting flange makes it easier to use
  • No external e-box necessary – control electronics integrated on-board make the saw more compact, easier to handle and quicker to set up
  • Cutting depth is displayed in real time on the remote control
  • Cutting and extending openings in concrete walls and floors
  • Precise demolition of walls and floors with low vibration
  • Cutting through heavily reinforced concrete, synthetic and natural stone, brick and block and other mineral-based materials
  • Cutting in tight spaces and where access is difficult
  • Facade and balcony renovation

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