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Features & Applications

  • Compact and cold-cutting circular saw for when you need more speed and precision than a hacksaw can provide
  • Safer, cleaner jobsites – chip collector, electric brake, reduced sparks with cold cutting help to minimize the hazards of circular saw use on your jobsites
  • More precision, less waste – LED light built into the blade guard provides a shadow-free view of your cutting line
  • More comfortable to use – a weight of under 4 kg makes the metal saw more versatile and less tiring to use in any position
  • Better for your business – pair with productivity-focused Hilti X-Cut or steel blades to help drive down your cost-per-cut
  • Fast, precise cuts up to 57 mm in metal
  • Cutting channels, pipes, conduits and profiles
  • Cutting openings in sheet metal for heating and air conditioning installation
  • Cutting sandwich panels, mesh and corrugated sheet metal
  • Corrective cutting and trimming of sheet metal


Lifetime Service
Lifetime Service

No costs whatsoever for up to 2 years from date of purchase.

  • 2 years no repair costs from date of purchase, including wear & tear parts, shipping and labor
  • After no-cost period repair costs are capped for as long as we service the tool
  • After every paid repair again 3-month no-repair-cost period
  • Materials and workmanship warranty over the entire life of the tool
  • Pick-up and delivery service
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