Introduction To Anchor Design Software

Post-installed reinforcing bars

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Concrete anchors are widely used in fastening both structural and non-structural elements.

Many structural engineers specify post-installed anchors where they design different fastening points with either mechanical or adhesive anchor system in many construction applications.These elements fastened are somehow directly or indirectly linked to the safety of human being or different economic investments.

There are different factors which could influence anchor design such as installation parameters, anchor layout, loading conditions and other special requirements related to seismic or fire design etc. and it is the responsibility of the structural engineer to ensure that anchor fastener shall sustain all load actions during execution and it will remain fit for use under different environmental and loading conditions. So, taking attention to these parameters while designing fastening points plays a key role in defining the design as a safe anchor design.

Furthermore, Construction industry nowadays became more dynamic and challenging, and taking that into consideration, safety and productivity is now crucial for many construction and design organizations. Considering all above-mentioned factors while designing post installed anchor fastening points will make hand calculation challenging especially when you need to re-check the design by changing one or more parameter.

Our technical webinar will introduce fundamentals of anchor design and different factors which influence anchor fastening points design in concrete as well as presenting a live example on how anchor design software brings productivity and safety to your design.

The webinar will focus and address the following topics:

  •        Proper design for post installed anchors
  •        Dimensions to be checked while designing for anchors
  •        Anchor design euro code framework
  •        Specialty about concrete anchors versus other fastening system
  •        Anchor design failure modes
  •        Safety factor concept for anchor design
  •        Introduction to anchor design software
  •        Live design examples on Profis anchor software

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, QC Engineers who usually supervise structural concrete connections with post installed reinforcement, all engineers who design structural concrete connections.

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