Insights on Different Rebar Design Methods

Post-installed reinforcing bars

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A rebar can be designed as an anchor or as a post installed rebar where both design approaches are based on completley different theories. Both approaches are correct however it is important to know that it is adequate to different applications. For example; while designing concrete structural connections, Post installed rebar design approach is needed as it is intended to give the same result as cast-in bars which is not the case for anchor deisgn aproach.

The European regulations define different framework for both theories where a product in order to be used in either approaches must be qualified based on a specific guideline and the system must be designed following the adequate design procedure.

There are key factors which differentiate PI rebar design method from that of the anchor one such as; The load on the bar, the interface between existing and new concrete member, the load transfere mechanism, concrete confinment, edge and spacing distances, anchorage length, cracked concrete influence and type of failure modes.

Furthermore, Construction industry nowadays became more dynamic and challenging, and taking that into consideration, safety and productivity is now crucial for many construction and design organizations. Considering all above-mentioned factors while designing post installed rebar connections will make hand calculation challenging especially when you need to re-check the design by changing one or more parameter.

Our technical webinar will have a technical deep dive highlighting these key differences between both post installed anchor and post installed rebar design methods as well as presenting a live example on how rebar design software brings productivity and safety to your rebar designs.

The webinar will focus and address the following topics:

  •  Intro to Post Installed Rebar
  • European Regulatory Framework
  • In-depth Discussion On the 2 Design Approaches 
  • PI Rebar Design Failure Modes
  • Introduction to Post Installed Rebar Design Software
  • Live design examples on Profis anchor software

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, QC Engineers who usually supervise fastening applications with post installed rebar, All Engineers who design structural concrete connections and use post installed rebar.

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