Post-installed reinforcing bars

Design Principles According to Eurocode2 Provisions

Post-installed reinforcing bars

Reinforcement anchorages or splices that are fixed into an existing concrete structure by injection adhesive in drilled holes are defined as “Post-Installed rebar connections”.

Post Installed rebar connections are commonly used in a wide range of applications, which vary from new construction projects, to structure upgrades and infrastructure requalification.

So, when you need to extend, join or strengthen existing concrete walls, slabs, columns or beams, then adhesive mortars for post-installed rebar can help, however, post installed rebar must be designed as carefully as the entire structure.

While the European technical approvals prove that in standard load situations and applications, post installed rebars behave like cast-in bars, a number of differences needs to be considered in special design situations such as fire, or load cases where hooks or bends would be required for cast in anchorages such as the case for rigid connections.

Our technical webinar will cover post installed rebar design principles in accordance to Eurocode 2. It is intended to give the necessary information to safely design and specify post-installed reinforcement connections.


The webinar will focus and address the following topics:

  • Introduction to post installed rebar
  • Post-installed rebar applications and behaviour
  • Approvals and qualification’s Criteria for adhesives
  • PI rebar design: Eurocode 2 provisions

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, QC Engineers who usually supervise structural concrete connections with post installed reinforcement, all engineers who design structural concrete connections.

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