Using Hilti’s dust cleaning SafeSet technology

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The challenge

Hong Kong’s Housing Authority oversees more than three quarters of a million apartments and houses more than 2 million people – that’s housing around 30% of the population of Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong residents of flats usually dry their laundry on racks hung from their windows or balconies.

The Hong Kong Housing Authority decided to replace the existing laundry poles with stainless steel laundry racks.

The challenge was how clean so many holes safely at great heights and to avoid dust with so many people living in each block.


Our Hilti solution

Our Hilti SafeSet technology was chosen for the job, using our HY200 chemical anchor + HIT-ZR anchor rods.

Our Hilti HIT-Z zero anchor rod, with its cone shaped helix, works as a torque-controlled anchor, and so it can fasten even in uncleaned holes.

This helped to speed up installation while also ensuring a good fastening strength.

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"The use of SAFESET Technology greatly reduced the total installation time, also giving Housing Authority inspectors full confidence of the standard of the project."

Ryan Fung
Onsite Engineer

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Hilti HIT-HY 200 chemical anchor system

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Hilti HIT-ZR anchor rods

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Find out more about Hilti SafeSet technology

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