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Hilti modular support systems MQ-41-L installation channel for medium-heavy duty applications

We usually only hear about earthquakes when they’re really devastating, but in reality they’re happening everyday all over the world.

So to prepare for this, the construction industry’s codes (NTC 2008 and Eurocode 8) now also require non-structural elements and technical installations to be seismic resistant.

This includes all public buildings such as hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, and schools.


The physics of an earth quake
  • An earthquake generates additional loads on the pipeline in all directions.
  • Loads on the horizontal plane (Ex and Ey) are generally the most critical for the pipe support.
  • Building codes (such as EC8, IBC) provide simplified methods to calculate the seismic loads based on an equivalent static analysis.
  • According to most building codes the additional vertical seismic load does not need to be taken into account.
  • To withstand these horizontal forces, modular support systems must be sufficiently rigid or designed with bracings arranged both in a longitudinal and transversal direction and suitably anchored to the base material.


  • Hilti MQS seismic modular support system

    Hilti’s MQS modular support System

    Designed and tested by our own research labs to resist the horizontal seismic forces which typically develop during an earthquake. Used with the Hilti MQ System, the new Hilti MQS components enable tailor-made earthquake-proof solutions.

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    Hilti PROFIS Installation software

    Hilti PROFIS Installation software

    Use our PROFIS Installation software to create 3D seismic designs and export them to CAD format. With a few simple clicks, you can create calculation reports, construction drawings and draw up a list of materials you’ll need for your installation.

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    Hilti services PROFIS training

    Technical seminars and conferences

    We can provide personalized training to help you design safe seismic installations, keeping you up to date with the latest regulations and our latest seismic solutions.

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    Hilti engineering support technical services

    Engineering and technical services

    Our Technical Service is available for information, inspections, dimensioning, drawings, technical specifications and site tests. We can also work with you onsite or in your office to find the most suitable earthquake-proof solution for your build and design.

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Working with the University of California, San Diego

At Hilti we believe strongly in research and development, running our own labs and testing facilities and working with credited partners all over the world.

For seismic testing we’ve been working with our partners at the Department of Structural Engineering at the University of California, San Diego.

It’s an exciting project, where we’ve been conducting full-scale performance tests on our products using the largest vibrating table in the world – a specially constructed five-storey building subjected to a series of shocks at 1:1 on the Richter scale.

It’s been a great opportunity to research and design our seismic products, including all the components of our innovative Hilti MQS modular support system.

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Hilti participates in landmark seismic and fire research project at UCSD NEES facility. Watch also the next video on nonstructural component test.

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Building nonstructural component systems earthquake test – Hilti products and systems.

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