Hilti Connect App

Hilti Connect App

Hilti's construction app brings tool services to your fingertips

We know that getting back to work, being productive, and managing your costs are more important now than ever. With the Hilti Connect app, quickly identify your tools and access important information to help you make informed decisions and stay up to speed on getting the most out of your Hilti tools. 

Hilti Connect is an app that allows you to do the following on the jobsite and in the office:

  • Identify tools - save time looking for tool identifiers by digitally connecting to your Hilti tools including NFC and Bluetooth
  • View tool information and repair history - access valuable information about your Hilti tools to help you make the best cost decisions for your business
  • Submit tools for repair - save time by seamlessly processing repairs for your tools right from your smartphone

Hilti Connect Overview

Hilti Connect Overview

Tool identification

It can be a real challenge keeping up with tools on the jobsite or in the tool crib. With Hilti Connect, you’ll never have to worry about identifying a Hilti tool and knowing if it belongs to you. Even if a tool is worn, scratched, or dirty, there are four different ways you can use Hilti Connect to identify a Hilti tool:

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Scan the NFC tag under the ratings plate with your NFC enabled smartphone.

Tool type

While logged into the app, type in the tool descriptions (ex. “TE 60”).

Serial number

Enter your tool’s unique serial number in the search bar of the app.


The DX 9, DX 5, and BX 3 are Bluetooth enabled. Simply have the tool in range of the app to access information and identify the tool.


hilti connect - tool information and repair history

The Hilti Connect app helps relieve the burden of tool management by providing quick and easy access to the most current information for your Hilti tools right when you need it. This can help you make repair decisions that make economic sense for your business and keep you productive.

Instant access to data for decision-making:

  • Date of purchase and service expiration
  • Number of repairs, dollars spent on repairs, and last repair date for each tool

Get information needed to upskill works and stay productive:

  • Operation instruction materials (pdf)
  • Training and how-to videos
  • OSHA silica dust documents (as applicable)

Tool Information and Repair History

hilti connect - tool information and repair history
With the Hilti Connect App, you can view the following information about your tools:
  • Purchase date
  • Invoice number
  • Warranty or Tool Park management expiration dates
  • Repair history such as the number of repairs, last repair date, and total cost for repair on that tool. This helps you decide whether to repair or replace the tool.
  • Access relevant documents like operator’s manuals
  • Find the best accessories, related products, and how to videos

Submit Tools for Repair

submit tools for repair with hilti connect
One feature of Hilti Connect is the ability to process a tool repair. Some of the key attributes are:
  • Submit tools for repair with the touch of a button right from your smart phone
  • Receive the shipping label by email, box up the tool, and send it to Hilti for professional repair
  • Take advantage of our 3 days turn around on repairs in our first-class repair centers
  • Eliminate the tool repair hassle and streamline it by going digital with Hilti Connect


DOWNLOAD the Hilti Connect App NOW to get instant digital access to your Hilti tools

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