Everyday fastenings for industrial applications

An anchor for every warehouse need

From racking to securing machinery, industrial maintenance facilities require a lot of fastening. As you explore our extensive portfolio of anchor systems, we can help you choose the right one.

Everyday fastening solutions for industrial applications

The HVU2 single-dose, soft foil capsules provide ultimate performance and resilience. It’s suitable for both racking and fastening machinery. The HIT-Z series anchoring rods require no hole cleaning, putting your mind at ease. The HST3 stud anchors became an industry standard because of their ease of use. For serial drilling, the HUS 3 screw anchor makes your work easy-breezy – no hammers, no torque wrenches, no hassle. HUS3 anchors are available in different materials, head configurations and price points.

On top of the wide product selection, we go the extra mile to make your work easier. You can contact and order from us 24/7 online or reach us via toll-free number. Hilti Service Centers provide delivery even to those locations that are tough to reach. 

Our fastening solutions for

Industry applications like fastening pallet racks

Pallet Racks

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Fastening equipment

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