Everyday fastenings for mechanical contractors

How we make overhead work more comfortable

It can get tiring when you work overhead most of the time, considering the weight of the power tool, plus the time it takes to set anchors and thread nuts or insert pipe rings. Traditional channel systems for piping, cabling and ventilation can also be slow and awkward to put together.

Everyday fastening solutions for mechanical contractors

3 reasons why it's faster and easier

1. One manufacturer for all your needs

Save time by getting all your tools and accessories from the same place. Along with power tools, Hilti offers drill bits, channels, channel nuts, threaded rods and pipe hangers in hundreds of variations.

2. Less time hammering

The HKD and HKV are fully expandable drop-in anchors. Instead of hammering each anchor 3 to 5 times, just use the 2-part setting tool in your drill. It effortlessly expands the anchor without forcing you to change the whole insert in your tool.

3. Less time with your arms up

Reduce your physical effort by using screw anchors. Just drill and drive. No hammers, no pain. Hilti offers screw anchors in 7 different configurations in the HUS series. It can’t get any simpler than that.  We also have super-fast push buttons (they click into place without the usual manual turning), and pre-assembled components.

Our fastening solutions for

Mechanical anchor applications like hanging pipes

Hanging Pipes

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Mechanical anchor applications like installing sub-structures

Installing Sub-structures

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