Firestop Documentation

Preventing the spread of smoke and fire in a building often presents major challenges to owners, facility managers and installers of services and technical systems. Often these facilities are required to prove that the passive fire prevention system in their building is capable of passing acceptance inspections after the completion of the building work or maintenance. It is also necessary to provide confirmation of correct installation and verification of compliance with firestop requirements for each penetration. These locations must be compiled in a comprehensive method of documentation and be readily available to present to all parties participated in the building project, including the supervisory authorities, building owners and general contractor. This service demands considerable administrative work, all the way from the planning stage right through to the building acceptance inspection.

Installation planning - clear and efficient


Installation planning - clear and efficient

Coordinating firestop between architects and planners does not have to be overwhelming. Take advantage of Hilti’s CFS-DM multi-user capability and prepare the entire project and installation in advance from your office. Assign each penetration with the appropriate firestop product, tested system, location in the building and subcontractor or installer responsible for completion.

Marking - with added value

Marking - with added value

The identification process is revolutionized by electronically connecting the physical penetration with the virtual penetration via a QR code located on each label. The information about each penetration can be easily recorded directly into the Hilti CFS-DM Firestop Documentation manger system by scanning the QR code with the hand-held mobile device (smart phone or tablet computer).

Documentation - right away, on site

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The installation can be documented immediately using a smartphone or tablet. All the relevant information such as before and after photos, locations, penetration attributes and detail are all directly transferred instantly to the CFS-DM cloud via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G service. If service is not available the app will temporarily store the data on the phone until service is reached and the app will automatically push the data to the cloud. 





Reporting - immediate access to compliance documentation

With Hilti’s CFS-DM Firestop Documentation Manger, customized and standardized reports can be produced at a moments notice. The web-based back office platform allows you to create a comprehensive report to show compliance with applicable regulations, up-to-date project status and all locally recorded information, photos and corresponding firestop design verification

Coordination and acceptance - everything under control

Accessibility is always an option. The status of each penetration can be viewed both online either in the field or office. At any time, each party involved in the project, from installers to site coordinators and architects, can be kept up to date about their project’s current status.

Servicing and building maintenance - data always at hand

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Any subsequent modifications, retrofitting or additions made to the firestop penetration can be recorded easily with a simple scan of the QR code. The software provide the building owner or faculty manager with records of previous status photos and details for inspection records over the entire life cycle of the building.

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