Hilti HUS3 Undercut Screw Anchors


Hilti HUS3 Undercut screw anchors


Introducing HUS3: Hilti’s third generation mechanical screw anchors.

Raising the bar in anchor innovation, they not only allow you to support loads equal or greater than stud anchors, they are adjustable and reusable too! 

The HUS3 is the ideal solution for applications under static or seismic action. It meets challenging design requirements with ease, such as smallest edge distances and limited concrete member thicknesses.

HUS3 : productivity without compromises!

Hilti HUS3 Undercut screw anchors

The new HUS3 combines a mechanical interlock with a self-locking effect under loading, which produces the highest loads. The Hilti HUS3 is robust and reliable - even under the most challenging conditions.


Hilti HUS3 Undercut screw anchors

Hilti takes a giant leap forward with HUS3 – the world’s first screw anchor featuring a tested and approved adjustability pro-cess. (Dibt*). Built to last and fully removable, the HUS3’s exclusive new design allows for quick and easy base plate levelling, adjustments and realignments without compromising integrity of approvals or load capacity.


Hilti HUS3 Undercut screw anchors

The HUS HRG tube provides a quick, convenient and approved way to test if HUS3 screw anchors are reusable. Simply slide the anchor through the tube – if it jams then the screw is reusable.

Easy to set

Hilti HUS3 Undercut screw anchors

Cutting edges for easy settings in concrete, masonry and hollow core slabs. No compromise in performance even in hard aggregates, high-strength concrete and in contact with reinforcements.


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