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Learn how to get the most out of your ON!Track software

Learn how to get the most out of ON!Track

Just signed up to ON!Track? New to Asset Management? Want to learn how to get the most out of your new software? We're  here to help! 

Below you will find a series of ON!Track how-to videos to help with everything from basic setup, different types of  asset registration, report generation and much more. 

Can't find the video you wanted? Check out the ON!Track FAQ or contact us for more information.

Initial setup

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    Initial setup - Activating your account

    Just signed your ON!Track contract? See what the next steps are and how to log in for the first time.

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    Initial setup - Resetting your password

    Forgotten your password or has your initial Welcome E-mail expired? Watch this video for instructions on how to reset your password.

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    Initial setup - ON!Track overview

    This video will give you a quick overview of the main areas and functionality of ON!Track and give you some ideas on how to set up your own account.

Assets and Consumables

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    Adding a Hilti Asset

    Registering a Hilti asset into ON!Track is as easy as entering its serial number. Watch this video to find out how quick and easy it is to register Hilti assets.

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    Adding a non-Hilti Asset

    ON!Track is the complete asset management solution - regardless of manufacturer. This video shows you how to add a non-Hilti asset to ON!Track.

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    Adding a Consumable

    ON!Track can track consumables as well as assets and commodities. This how-to video shows you how to register a consumable in ON!Track.

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    Finding an Asset

    Looking for a particular asset, commodity or consumable? This video shows you how to search through all of your ON!Track assets immediately.

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    Transferring an Asset

    Tracking where your assets and who has them is one of ON!Track's main features. Find out how to transfer an asset to a new location or employee with this video.

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    Transferring a Consumable

    Monitoring consumable usage and having automatic inventory management can save you time and money. Find out how to transfer consumables to new locations or employees with this video.

Other Data

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    Adding an Employee

    ON!Track isn't just for tools. Watch this video to see how to add an employee record to your ON!Track Software.

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    Adding an Employee Role

    Different people can access different areas of ON!Track depending on your company's specific needs. Check out how to create bespoke Employee Roles in ON!Track.

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    Adding a Location

    ON!Track can help track assets from a number of different location types. This video shows you how to add a new location to the ON!Track system.

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    Adding a Template

    If you have multiple assets of the same type you don't have to keep entering their information. This video shows you how to create an asset template.

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    Adding an Employee

    ON!Track gives you access to a lot of information. Watch this video for an overview on how to create bespoke reports using ON!Track.

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